How To Lose Man Boobs The Garry Davidson Way

Dear Friend

It’s not easy to lose those man boobs, I’d been trying for over thirty years!! But as soon as I realised what I really had to do to lose those man boobs, It wasn’t even that difficult!.

I was in complete disbelief!

On using the correct strategy of losing man boobs, my chest was flat in just a couple of weeks!
And you’ll be happy to know that if it worked for me, it will work for you.

Burning chest fat is different from burning fat from other parts of the body. If you can grasp the one reason why most people fail at losing man boobs, you’ll be on that beach showing off your masculine physique in no-time.

So What’s My Story, Why Am I Talking To You?

My name’s Garry and I’ve been trying to lose my man boobs ever since I was a kid. I used to be frightened by the very thought of doing any sport at school where the guys would make fun of me in the shower, or catch me jogging in my T-shirt with my tits jumping around.

And missing out on all the summer fun! Sitting around at home or going out and roasting myself in a thick sweater to conceal my man breasts.

Watching my mates talking, playing and swimming with the girls at the beach.

And I’ll never forget…

The countless rejections by women! I mean – how can a woman take you seriously! – You’ve got BOOBS for crying out loud!

Women are craving that punk on TV with washboard abs. There’s no chance she’ll look at you and go “Mmmm I wanna feel those man boobs against me!”

When I finally decided I had enough, I got out there and began finding out everything I could on how to lose man boobs. Almost everything on the internet seems to talk about…

Error I: Exercising your chest with weights and doing push-ups.

Does this ring a bell? It’s enticing to think this is the answer, since it would be so easy – oh so easy to just do a bunch of bench presses to shed that boob-fat.

There are so many adds that show a muscular guy doing bench presses, with a headline saying “Bust away those man boobs with Musclehead’s new Olympia workout!” And incase you haven’t realized already… this method doesn’t work.

Not knowing this when I started out, I took the advice of well… almost everyone, and started going all out on the bench press.

Irrespective of the size of my pectorals, which grew quite impressively large – I could feel them… under my boob fat, which sadly remained unchanged. I now had man boobs that I could move up and down at will.

So stop doing chest exercises and focus on something that is actually scientifically known to shed boob fat!

I learned the hard way that working out the chest muscles does NOT cause fat to be lost around that area.

Mistake #II: If I lose weight, then I’ll lose my man boobs…

This was harder than I thought! I started going to the gym, doing cardiovascular and weight training, with plenty of calorie restriction (am I determined or what!) And to my surprise, my man breasts started to flatten out! But it wasn’t until I lost fat from my bum, legs, arms, face, back and belly, so it took a bit of time but…

I finally started to lose my man boobs!!!

But at that time I was doing cardio seven days a week, and living on the most restricted diet.
I was getting down because I wasn’t enjoying my food one bit and was dreading that intense hour at the gym. It seemed that I couldn’t afford to do any less! Reducing my workout commitments would only see my manbreasts growing back!

I couldn’t live like that for the rest of my life, there just HAD to be another answer!!

Error III: Ebooks on the internet with promising sales pages have the answer…

Those salespages were oh so promising, so I went out there and paid to download every eBook I could find on how to lose man boobs. I followed each eBook to the letter, I did everything they suggested and stuck to it, and with every book I was disappointed.

It seems nobody has yet managed to put together a decent guide on how to get rid of man boobs.

So Then How DO You Lose Man Boobs?

Having realised that I was more or less on my own, I made up my mind to really put in the work and do my own scientific research. And though I have a background in science, I’m not talking about dissecting rats and human specimens, but about pooling together all the scientific research out there on man boobs and coming to my own conclusions.

So keep an eye out for my future posts where I’ll be revealing much of what I’ve learned about how to lose man boobs.

But if you’re rather not wait, then I suggest you go on over to How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally, where I reveal on my secrets on how you too can get a perfectly flat chest in just a few weeks.

Click here to visit How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally

Till next time

Garry Davidson


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