What Is The Best Chest Workout?

The Single Best Chest Workout…

If I were to name the single best chest workout for mass, it would be the chest-dip. It is said that Vince Gironda, one of the most successful bodybuilding coaches of all time, replaced all of the bench presses in his gym with dipping stations.

Despite this however, the bench press has still managed to find its way into being the most popular chest workout in the gym. How often do you get asked how much you bench, as opposed to ‘how much do you dip?’

The trouble with the bench press is it places too much focus on the anterior deltoids – the muscle on the front section of your shoulders. Since the anterior deltoids are a much smaller and weaker muscle than the massive pectoralis major of your chest, the exercise is commonly limited by how much the anterior deltoids can handle.

With dips on the other hand, the positioning of your body results in most of the force being produced by your chest. This makes for a far more intense chest workout, leading to bigger and better gains in less time. The shoulder is still involved with dips, but only as a stabilizer.

The Best Chest Workout Routine…

Dips may be the single best chest workout, but a good chest workout routine includes a variety of different exercises.

The most successful bodybuilders have almost always claimed that the best way to fully develop a particular muscle is to attack it from a variety of different angles using a selection of different exercises.

In the last few decades however, a few erroneous studies have lead scientists and many trainers to falsely claim that working the same muscle from different angles with different exercises was futile. They claimed that a given muscle can either contract or not contract, and that the shape of a muscle can only be determined by your genes. As a result of these claims, a lot of people have, to their detriment, started to do only one chest exercise – usually the flat bench press.

The latest research however, shows that the pro bodybuilders were right all along.

Newer studies have shown that there are short muscle fibers that don’t run through the entire length of the muscle. This means that you can do separate exercises to target the outer portion of your chest and the inner portion of your chest, and also exercises to target the upper vs lower portions of your chest.

To add to the body of evidence that you can target different portions of your chest separately, studies have also demonstrated the presence of muscle fibers that vary in diameter throughout the length of the muscle. This means that a given muscle fiber will thicken more in the area that you are focusing on with a particular exercise.

With the above in mind, it appears that the best chest workout routine would involve a combination of different exercises. Below are some exercises I suggest you combine for maximum results.

1. Chest Dips

Being, in my opinion, one of the best single chest exercises for men, there’s no surprise that I have included chest dips as part of a good chest workout routine.

Although chest dips do a good job at working out the entire chest, most of the focus is placed on the lower portion of the pecs and also the outer portion. This will grow your chest muscle downward and outward, giving you good separation from the abdomen, and good upper-body width.

2. Incline Bench Press

Although the bench press is not as good as the chest dip, the incline variation does have the benefit of putting more emphasis on the upper portion of the pecs. By combing incline bench presses with chest dips, you will give your chest more of a square stone-slab-like appearance.

3. Cable Crossover

The cable crossover, if you have access to one, is a good adjunct to the above two exercises. This is because it allows you to cross your arms over one another, giving an intense workout to the inner portion of your chest. This will help you to get that good midline separation line between your left and right pecs.

To increase the focus on the inner pecs, do partial reps rather than use a full range of motion. Start with your arms just a little further than shoulder-width apart in front of you. To perform a rep, move your arms toward one another, letting them cross over as far as possible. Then slowly take your arms back to the starting position.

If you don’t have access to a cable crossover machine, I suggest you do narrow-grip bench presses or narrow-grip pushups. You will notice that with a narrow grip your arms will come much closer together when the weight is pushed up away from your body, than when you use a wider grip.


The above exercises are just examples, though they are some of the best chest workouts around. A good chest workout routine involves a variety of different exercises that target different portions of the chest. With the above examples you will effectively target the lower, upper, outer and inner portions of the chest. This will help to give you huge gains in every direction – inwards, outwards, downwards and upwards, giving you that unstoppable hulk-like and herculean appearance in your chest.

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Exercises To Get Rid Of Man Breasts

Exercises to get rid of man breasts come in three different categories. They are as follows (in order of importance for most people):

  1. Exercises for fat reduction
  2. Exercises for hormonal regulation
  3. Exercises for upper body muscle growth

Unfortunately most people are given only the advice to follow category number 3 – exercises for upper body muscle growth. But even then they are advised wrongly, being told to do high repetition pushups and bench presses in the hope that high reps will help to burn fat around the chest area.

Exercises To Get Rid Of Man Breasts

If you have tried this, then I’m sure you have realized that it doesn’t work – well at least not as well as you hoped it would. The notion that you can reduce fat in any part of the body you choose, simply by exercising that part of the body is called ‘spot reduction.’

Although new research is emerging to suggest spot reduction may be possible, the amount of localized fat reduction you get is nothing compared to the amount of fat you would lose from that same area if you spent the same amount of time doing cardio.

So it is best as a beginner, to leave spot reduction aside and focus on methods that will give you much quicker results with far less effort. Below are some examples of exercises to get rid of man breasts from each of the above three categories.

1. Exercises for Fat Reduction

Fat reduction is a key component of male breast reduction. In most cases of male breasts, a guy needs only reduce his level of body fat for his breasts to disappear completely. Since cardiovascular exercises are the best way to achieve this, they are arguably the best type of exercises to get rid of man breasts.

Even in the few cases where fat reduction isn’t enough, it still helps tremendously by making it much easier to get rid of those man boobs.

So whatever the cause of your man boobs, you should always incorporate a fat reduction routine into your regime. Since spot reduction, as mentioned above, is so inefficient, the best way to get rid of fat in the chest area is to focus on generalized body fat reduction. The goal here is to reduce fat from all over the body through cardiovascular exercise.

Steady State Cardiovascular Exercise

Steady state cardio is what most bodybuilders use to get body-fat counts down to single digits, leaving behind a freakish set of abs and well-defined musculature all over the body.

Although new evidence is emerging that high intensity interval training is more effective at burning fat than steady state cardio, the latter still works very well. The main benefit of steady state cardio is that it is easy to adhere to. It isn’t as mentally or physically draining as high intensity training, so you will be able to do it more frequently and more consistently.

Steady state cardio can be as easy as taking a brisk walk. Something that gets you breathless, but not gasping for breath or panting. It is important however, to keep it going for at least 30 minutes, preferably for 40 minutes, and even better if you have 1 hour sessions. This is because during the first 20 minutes of the exercise your body burns only the sugars (in the form of glycogen) stored in your muscles and liver. When these sugar stores are depleted, it then goes on to oxidize fat for energy.

Steady state cardio should be performed at least 3 days per week, though you will see better results if you do it more frequently. In general there is nothing wrong with doing this form of exercise every day.

2. Exercises for Hormonal Regulation

Male breasts are caused by a hormonal imbalance, so it makes sense to incorporate a hormone-regulating workout into your regime.

The two key hormones responsible for male breasts are the female hormone estrogen and the male sex hormone testosterone. High levels of estrogen and/or low levels of testosterone result in the development of breasts in men.

Certain exercises have been shown to increase testosterone levels during and after the workout. These exercises, when performed regularly, will thereby help you to lose your man boobs. Increasing testosterone in your body will signal your body to redistribute its fat-deposition, causing less fat to be deposited in the breast areas, and also in the hips, bum and thighs.


It’s a well-known fact that resistance training (i.e. lifting weights) in general causes increased levels of testosterone and growth hormone during and after the workout. Studies have also shown that weighted squats cause a higher elevation of testosterone than any other exercise.

This testosterone is taken up by receptors all over your body, leading to increased bone density, increase whole-body muscle growth, increased sex-drive, and most importantly – reduced breast fat. It isn’t uncommon for me to get a quizzical look when I tell a guy that squats are excellent exercises to get rid of man breasts, but the whole-body hormonal changes that result from this massively taxing exercise really can cause a significant reconstruction of your body’s musculature and fat deposition.

It’s important to know that it isn’t just about pulling out as many squats as you can. To maximize the amount of testosterone released, it’s important to lift a heavy weight while squatting, but not so heavy that you can only perform one or two repetitions at a time. There has to be enough time under tension and enough muscle micro-trauma for high levels of testosterone and growth hormone to be released.

Researchers at Penn State University (and a number of other different studies) have found that doing three sets with a 1 minute rest interval between sets causes a higher release of testosterone than if only one or two sets were performed. This is because doing three sets leads to more muscle damage.

With one set you tend to stop the exercise as a result of either cardiovascular failure or a build-up of lactic acid in your legs causing you pain followed by an inability to produce more muscular contractions.

Having rest intervals with multiple sets allows the lactic acid to be cleared and your cardiovascular system to recuperate, so you can continue causing further microtrauma to your leg muscles. It is the microtrauma of your muscle that leads to high testosterone and growth hormone releases, not the pain or the ‘pump’ that results from lactic-acid build-up.

3. Exercises for upper body muscle growth

Growing muscle in the upper body, especially the chest, shoulders and upper back, gives you more of a masculine appearance, making your man boobs less noticeable.

Contrary to popular belief, the latest research shows that a particular muscle can be shaped in different ways depending on different exercise parameters. Doing wide-grip bench presses will work out more of the outer chest, while doing narrow-grip bench presses will work out more of the inner chest. Doing incline presses will focus on the upper chest, while decline presses will focus on the lower chest.

When it comes to reducing the appearance of man boobs, it is important to focus on all sections of the chest, with a special emphasis on the upper portion. It’s quite common to hear that guys with man boobs should avoid working out the lower chest at all costs, but this is not true. Working out the lower chest can greatly improve the appearance of the chest, but it is important to be working out the upper portion of the chest at the same time.

Chest Dips

This is one of my favorite exercises. The dip is like the upper body squat. Being a compound exercise, the dip also causes a significant elevation of testosterone, albeit not as high as with squats.

Chest dips not only exercise the entire chest (with special focus on the outer pecs, helping to give you a wider appearance), but they are also an excellent workout for your arms and back as well.

For optimal muscle gains, it is best to lift a weight that is heavy enough to make you stop after performing a maximum of 8 repetitions, and a minimum of 6 repetitions. If you find your body weight is too heavy, either get someone to assist you or use your legs to assist your arms by placing your legs on the floor while you push yourself up on parallel bars with your arms. If your body weight is too light, you can increase the resistance by wearing a weighted vest, or by doing what I do, which is to wear a backpack with weight plates inside.


So there you have it. Three different categories of exercises to get rid of man breasts, and one powerful example for each. So what are you waiting for? Get these chest exercises for men in your routine right now so you can benefit from their effects on reduced breast size asap.

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What Is The Best Male Breast Reduction Exercise?

The best male breast reduction exercise is not what you think.

There are too many sites here on the internet suggesting that you do pushups, bench presses and dumbbell flys to get rid of man boobs, but the notion that these are the best male breast reduction exercises is far from the truth.

Male Breast Reduction Exercise

The bench press may be one of the most glamorized exercises, but it’s far from being the best workout for your chest. Both in terms of reducing breast fat, and in building those chest muscles.

Although the above chest exercises do play an important role in the reduction of gynecomastia or male breasts, they don’t come close to some other exercises that, you may be surprised to know, don’t involve the chest at all. Not directly any way.

When it come to reducing male breasts, two important factors are involved. One is the reduction of generalized body fat from all over your body. Since you can’t target fat-loss from one particular body-part like the chest, belly or love handles. The only way to get rid of fat in these areas is to focus on losing fat from the entire body.

The second factor is a reduction of female hormones. Male breasts result from elevated levels of female hormones and reduced levels of male hormones in the body. It’s quite common for guys with man boobs to also have a feminine hour-glass figure with big hips and thighs instead of just a big belly. When you decrease the level of female hormones in your body or increase male hormones, your body starts to re-distribute fat, by moving it away from the hips, bum, thighs and – most importantly – the chest.

Chest exercises like bench presses, pushups and dumbbell flys don’t address the two above factors much at all. Exercises that DO cause generalized body fat reduction and also increase male hormones, are ones that involve the biggest muscle groups in your body – your legs – and at the same time exert your cardiovascular system and other supporting muscle groups all over the body.

There is no one best male breast reduction exercise, but rather a handful that produce excellent results, especially when they are all used together.

One such exercise is high intensity interval training (HIIT) using cardio exercises that involve the legs – like running or cycling.

Research has shown that HIIT burns adipose tissue (fat) up to 50% more effectively than low intensity exercise. HIIT also causes your metabolism to be raised throughout the entire day, resulting in continual fat loss after the workout, even when you’re sitting and watching TV. HIIT also results in elevated levels of growth hormone and testosterone, which not only signals your body to remove that breast fat, but also results in more muscle growth, giving you a more masculine appearance.

How To You Do HIIT?

HIIT involves going at a fast pace for say 30 seconds, then a slow pace for the next minute to catch your breath and rest your muscles, and then back to a fast pace for another minute, then a slow pace and so on.

Take HIIT with running for example…

  1. Be sure to stretch your muscles first to get the blood flowing and to avoid injury.
  2. Start by jogging at a comfortable pace for up to 5 minutes just to warm up.
  3. Then go at a fast pace for 30 seconds. This can be with 100% effort going as fast as you can, but I recommend taking it easy at first. You can go as low as 60% of maximum effort – fast enough to get you breathless and knowing that you can’t keep this pace up for long. Time yourself with a stopwatch.
  4. When the minute is over, reduce the pace right down to a slow jog that allows you to recuperate. 1 minute at this pace should be enough time for you to catch your breath and for the lactic acid build-up to leave your legs, preparing you for the next high intensity bout.
  5. After the minute is over, start your next high intensity bout and continue alternating in this way between high and low intensity.
Start with as many high intensity bouts as you find comfortable. Personally, I started with just two, and then I built my way up gradually to 20. There is no need to do more than 20 high intensity bouts, since the benefits of HIIT depend more on the intensity of the exercise rather than how long you do it for.

You can play around with the above parameters to see what works best for you both physically and mentally in your ability to handle the exercise and to keep doing it on a regular basis. You can try doing a 1 or even 2 minute high intensity bout followed by say a 2 minute low intensity bout.

You should not do HIIT every day. Do it every other day at most, but start out with once a week to get your body used to the exercise. HIIT is best done early in the day so you can benefit from the raised metabolism that follows the workout.

A lot of guys have told me that they felt HIIT for them is easily the best male breast reduction exercise. I have had clients who have lost their male breasts by doing nothing but HIIT just 3 days per week, with short 20-minute sessions. The secret lies in doing an exercise that works and sticking to it long enough to see the results you want.

To learn more about HIIT, how you can apply it to losing those man boobs, and also about other powerful male breast reduction exercises, click the link to learn about Paleolithic High Intensity Interval Training.

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The 2 Most Powerful Chest Exercises For Men

Before I begin on specific chest exercises for men, let me just make it clear that the best exercise you can do for your chest is cardio. Exercising the muscles of the chest directly by doing pushups, bench presses etc does not burn much fat in the area.

The best way to burn fat anywhere in the body is to do cardio (and watch your diet of course). So to get a well-defined chest with little or no overlying fat, go and hit the treadmill, go swimming, cycling or jogging. That said, let’s get started on the best chest exercises for men…

The 2 Best Chest Exercises For Men

1. Chest-Dips

Dips are the upper-body equivalent of the squat. It’s common knowledge that the single most metabolically stimulating weight-training exercise is the squat. For the upper body, it’s the dip.

Vince Gironda, also known as the ‘Iron Guru’, who trained some of the most successful bodybuilders of all time – the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jake Steinfeld, Lou Ferrigno (“The Incredible Hulk”), and Frank Zane, was a huge proponent of the chest-dip exercise. In fact, he replaced all of the bench presses in his gym with dipping stations.

Dips rely heavily on stabilizer muscles, and work out your entire upper body, including the chest, back, arms and shoulders. The vast number of muscles involved results in a greater release of testosterone and growth hormone, which serve to stimulate more muscle growth than if you were to exercise just the chest using the bench press or worse, dumbbell flys.

In this exercise, due to the way you make a downward motion with your arms, a lot of stress is placed on the outer portion of the pectoralis major muscle (the largest muscle in the chest), which helps to give you that wide, unstoppable look. By leaning forward during the exercise, you effectively target the entire chest.

2. Pushups

Yes, pushups are far superior to bench presses for a number of reasons.

  • The pushup is a whole-body exercise where you move your entire body with every rep. The bench press is a very isolated exercise that involves only your chest and arms. With the pushup, as well as using your chest and arms, you have to maintain your posture throughout each movement using your leg muscles, abdominal muscles and lower back muscles. This whole-body involvement with pushups results in a greater release of growth-stimulating hormones.
  • A dumbbell or barbell is a very compact weight. For this reason the bench press places too much strain on the shoulder stabilizers, and can result in shoulder-injuries, especially when you get to lifting those heavier weights. Also, over-relying on stabilizer muscles means that your workout will be limited by the strength of those stabilizers, rather than that of your chest muscles. With pushups however, the weight you are lifting is evenly spread throughout your entire body – a weight that you are helping to stabilize with your legs. For this reason, more focus is placed on the chest muscles, allowing you to not only lift more, but to also avoid injury while doing so.

The one thing people don’t like about pushups and body weight workouts in general, is that it’s difficult to modify the weight. There are however, a number of ways around this.

Firstly, if you find that pushups are too difficult, you can do them while leaning against a wall rather than on the floor, or with your knees on the floor instead of just your feet. If they are too easy, you can do what I do – throw some weights into a backpack, put it on your back with the straps on tight and pump away.

With pushups you can also vary the incline to work different portions of the chest. Elevate your feet on a chair/stool to target the upper chest. Elevate the position of your hands to target the lower chest. You can also do close-grip pushups to target the inner chest, and wide-grip to target the outer chest.

Pushups can be a great exercise for building those chest muscles, but only when done correctly. It isn’t about doing as many pushups as you can in one go, but rather about using a regime that is designed to build muscle. Although there are many variants on the number of sets and repetitions that are best for muscle growth, you can never go wrong with the classic 3 sets of 8 repetitions, with a 60-90 sec rest in between each set. If you find this too easy, then increase the weight.

Conclusion & Further Tips…

There you have it, the two best chest exercises for men. Chest dips and pushups, when done correctly, win hands-down when it comes to building muscle in the chest area.

I advise you to use both exercises. Although chest dips stimulate the entire chest, the nature of the movement causes more stimulation of the lower chest than the upper. In order to even things out so you can get more square stone-slab-like pecs, it helps to combine chest dips with decline pushups, where you have your feet elevated to target your upper chest.

Don’t work out your chest every day. At most, work out your chest every other day, but as your muscles grow larger they will take longer to recover and grow. Over time, in order to see further gains, it will be important for you to take longer rest-periods, going from every other day, to 3 days per week, to 2 days per week, and finally as an advanced bodybuilder (if that’s what your goal is), just once per week.

These chest exercises are great for building muscles in the upper body, but if you’re looking to get rid of man boobs, then an all together different approach is required. To learn more, click the link to visit How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally.

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